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Information about VIBE Fusion Liquid Nutraceutical

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VIBE: A Scientific Foundation

Benjamin J. Baechler, MD
Vice Chairman
and Formulator of VIBE

Led by Dr. Benjamin Baechler, the Eniva R&D Team has pioneered industry-leading breakthroughs in nutrient delivery technology. Within Eniva's CLASS 10,000 R&D Laboratories and Manufacturing facilities, daily research activities produce ongoing advancements in nutrient bio-availability technologies to help individuals live better, healthier lives. The crowning achievement of the Eniva R&D Team is VIBE.

VIBE is a premiere, ALL-IN-ONE liquid nutraceutical able to provide optimal daily nutritional support for healthy living. Unique to Eniva, each bottle of VIBE incorporates pharmaceutical standards, laboratory certifications and innovative bio-availability technologies. VIBE:

  • Pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients
  • Certified ORAC® rated anti-oxidant capacity
  • USP purification standards
  • Natural fruit & vegetable phytonutrients, including EGCG from Green Tea
  • Trade protected mineral/nutrient ionization & bioactivation
  • Human Matrix™ nutrient ratios that replicate natural ratios found within the human body
  • Blending techniques to safeguard molecular structures
  • Safety & efficacy trials; ongoing Clinical Evaluations
  • No irradiation, pasteurization, MSG, parabens, or artificial dyes, sweeteners or flavors
  • Vegetarian friendly