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Eniva does not manufacture "juice" products. We produce therapeutic quality liquid nutraceuticals that stimulate strong healthy body structure and proper functioning*. There is a specific (but simple) way to best use Eniva Nutraceutics, and it begins with our most researched and popular liquid nutraceutical: VIBE®.

Laying the Foundation for Health Success

To be successful at running a marathon or building a new house, one must first lay the foundation with proper conditioning and preparation. When embarking on the journey to wellness, the right type and correct amount of nutritional support can greatly help to condition the body in ways that will insure the desired health results are achieved. Your body has "innate intelligence" and knows what to do when given the right materials in the right form.

To lay the proper foundation for your wellness journey, we recommend committing to 6-8 weeks of using only VIBE® liquid nutraceutical before considering other Eniva products. Why? Because you do not want to overwhelm your body with too many products, too soon. They may actually make you feel worse simply because your body is not conditioned to effectively handle our additional specialized nutraceuticals. Laying the proper foundation through nutritional conditioning is important for effective wellness success.

By following this recommendation, we have found that most people achieve their desired wellness goals and do not need to take our other specialized products.

For more information about VIBE liquid and our other products* (U.S. formulations), click here.