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Product Quality & Safety

Our Promise: Safety, Quality, Effectiveness and Innovation

The Eniva facility is designed to fully meet the demands of the thriving nutraceutical industry and Eniva’s own Wellness Lifestyle Community. Unlike most companies in the nutritional supplement industry, Eniva not only markets and distributes its nutritional technologies, but also formulates and manufactures them within its own government inspected facility. As well, Eniva Nutraceutics has several State-of-the-art clean room areas of the facility where manufacturing takes place. Eniva is very proud of the fact that it has invested heavily in infrastructure to bring the very best nutritional and lifestyle nutraceutical products to market.

Quick facts about the Eniva Nutraceutical Facility:

  • 200,000+ square feet
  • FDA inspected
  • State-of-the-art Controlled Evironment
  • Research & Development and manufacturing Areas
  • Specialized Air and Water Purification Systems
  • Tight Environmental Facility Control

Eniva strives to be self sufficient, with almost all aspects of the business cycle taking place within the Eniva facility. With this being said, Eniva has more than 100 teammates at its 200,000+ square foot corporate facility to support our Field Organization and strategic plans. Because of its commitment to maintain tight control over several aspects of the business cycle, Eniva is able to invest its resources in delivering Quality in all aspects of both products and business practices.

Discoveries from Within

On site at Eniva is a full Research and Development facility and staff. Chief Medical Officer Benjamin Baechler, M.D., heads the Research and Development efforts with a full team of qualified scientists. This research group has special expertise in liquid nutrient delivery systems. As well, it engages in constant in vitro experimentation and approved in vivo trials. Continued education and on-going training for research staff is an important aspect to keep all involved in Research and Development on the cutting edge of technology trends.

Eniva Nutraceutics is a committed to utmost safety and quality in the manufacturing of its Nutraceutical products. Core to product development and manufacturing are the following values:

  1. Safety - Do no harm
  2. Quality - Provide product integrity and continual improvement
  3. Efficacy - Provide products that have a significant physiologic impact
  4. Innovation - Incorporate cutting edge science and technology

In formulating and manufacturing a nutraceutical product, several variables go into the equation:

I. Materials Selection and Sourcing

Core to Eniva's Values is its commitment to producing only the safest and highest quality nutraceutical dietary supplements. A key factor in this endeavor is the critical step of raw material selection and sourcing. Eniva uses a team of experts to source and select the safest and most effective nutritional raw materials. Exhaustive research and study, including published scientific findings, clinical studies, historical use analysis, and examination of ingredients' health benefits are evaluated. All product ingredients selected are "pharmaceutical grade" – the same standards, quality and consistency as those found in pharmacy drugs. As well, appropriate documentation and independent testing results are required before use in any manufacturing process at Eniva.

Only those ingredients that pass Eniva's stringent standards for safety, quality and efficacy are used. Sources may be domestic or international, but suppliers are used only if they meet our strict vendor qualifications and pharmaceutical grade requirements. Because we use many natural ingredients, it is not uncommon for minor variations in color or taste to occur. For example, in a batch of VIBE, the flavor of the berries may vary depending on the seasonal climate, but the nutritional content as stated in the nutritional facts panel will always be consistent.

II. Manufacturing / Bottling bottling

Often overlooked in the evaluation of health products, the manufacturing process is extremely important. Superior manufacturing techniques and innovation are the cornerstone of Eniva nutraceutical products. The majority of Eniva products are regulated as dietary supplements under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act. Eniva products are produced in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) set forth by the Food and Drug Administration. We are regularly inspected by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the United Sates Food and Drug Administration representatives. Our State-of-the-Art Research and Development Laboratories and Manufacturing facilities are tightly controlled environments where quality assurance and product integrity are paramount.

Furthermore, Eniva products are not made in massive quantities and then warehoused for many months before shipment. Instead, our products are run in small batches, then properly stored and shipped fresh to the consumer – usually within three weeks of manufacture. Highly trained engineers, scientists, chemists and water specialists oversee the critical aspects of formulation, production, and quality control, as well as the functioning of state-of-the-art scientific equipment.

III. Testing

Eniva conducts exhaustive internal testing to validate the safety and stability of its formulas and finished goods. In fact, every incoming raw material and outgoing finished product is tested. As well, regular certified 3rd party laboratory testing is also employed to ensure accuracy of internal tests. Eniva Nutraceutics has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing equipment and laboratories just to test for the quality of the Eniva Nutraceutical products. Some of these quality tests include, but are not limited to, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, allergens, specific carrier substances, bacteria and yeast, and several others. Additional testing verifies the consistency and accuracy of product label claims. Eniva maintains exhaustive production documentation on all of its products manufactured, as well as original raw materials.

In vitro investigative studies and in vivo safety and efficacy trials have also been conducted on select Eniva nutraceuticals.